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Feminine? Masculine? Both? : Androgyny


Test for Androgyny
Biology of Androgyny
Emotional Characteristics
Behavioral Characteristics
Societal Influences and Effects
Sex-Role Development
Bem Sex-Role Inventory

The Bem Sex-Role Inventory is a test administered to identify androgynous people, sex-typed people and opposite-sex typed people.  Sandra Bem constructed this test in 1974.
Click on the link to the right to open up the test.  On that page there is a score sheet you can open up to record your scores.  After completing the test, read the following section on scoring.



  • Column 1:  Masculine Items
  • Column 2: Feminine Items
  • Column 3: Neutral Items
  • High on masculinity and femininity (above 4)-  Androgynous
  • Low on masculinity and femininity (below 4)  - Undifferentiated
  • High on masculinity and low on femininity -  "Masculine"
  • High on femininity and low on masculinity  -  "Feminine"

More About the Bem Sex-Role Inventory Test:
Based on the responses of college students, the traits that appear in the lists were divided into equal numbers of masculine traits, feminine traits, and socially desirable traits that have no particular sex role. (Thus the columns' labels.) 
Androgyny was defined in earlier research as being inversely related to the size of the difference between masculinity and feminitity scores, thus, an androgynous person would have scores very close together.  However, after further research, the preferred definition of androgyny became "achieving a high femininity score and a high masculinity score."  The second definition has been proven a better predictor of behavior.  (Hoyenga 221).