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Feminine? Masculine? Both? : Androgyny
Test for Androgyny
Biology of Androgyny
Emotional Characteristics
Behavioral Characteristics
Societal Influences and Effects
Sex-Role Development

Site Created by Nadja Allmann, Kirby Matthess, & Diana Striffler

This site is aimed at discovering those characteristics and behaviors specific to androgynous individuals. 
This site will discuss biological, emotional and behavioral characteristics, societal influences and effects, progression through development and sex-role development, while taking note of the differences between androgynous females and males.
While viewing this site, keep in mind that androgyny is highly dependent upon culture.  While this site focuses mainly on the stereotypical masculine and feminine characteristics of the Western cultures, other cultures may define behavioral traits differently, thus re-evaluating what is masculine and what is feminine.

Androgyny: a type of gender identity in which the person scores high on both masculine and feminine personality characteristics(Berk 537).